Connected grand cru wines

Thanks to innovation Laurent Ponsot style, progress really is within arm’s reach!
… or within smartphone reach to be more precise.

Thanks to a system developed by the Selinko company, the end consumer can now check whether the bottle they’re holding in their hands actually really does come from our ‘maison’.

Chips are fitted in our capsules and have two extensions which also mean that data is stopped when the bottle is opened.

The authenticity of every one of our grand cru bottles can now be checked using the latest generation of “NFC”
(Near Field Communication) chips which can be found in all new mobile phones. Simply place the smartphone above the capsule to get an immediate reading.

The latest-generation NFC chips, known as bank NFCs, have the added bonus of being tamper-proof because they randomly change their IP address each time they are read.

And to prevent the capsule from being removed and put on another bottle, a seal is glued over either side of it and on the glass of the bottle. If removed, marks will still be visible that cannot be erased.

The Selinko® free app can be used to check the authenticity of our bottles.

Download the file