At Laurent Ponsot SAS, we’re full of ideas and projects. Both creative and innovative, we believe that technology has its place in the world of wine. In service to both people and nature, today’s technologies and those of the future must allow us to make wines that are truthful to their exceptional place of origin, so that they arrive on your table in perfect condition.

We are therefore constantly introducing innovations, building on the findings of Laurent Ponsot’s past research,

such as the technological closure, using neutral gas instead of sulphur for ageing, temperature control of “intelligent” cases, protection of authenticity, and so on.

Technological closures

The ideal closure, Laurent Ponsot style. Say goodbye to premature oxidation and the risk of wines being corked: here at last is a way of guaranteeing unrivalled, long-term ageing of wine. Our closure concept consists of an internal frame and an outer shield, both of which are combined with a thermoplastic elastomer. Known as a “technological closure”, it allows us to scientifically control the amount of oxygen entering the wine over a given period.

When subjected to accelerated ageing tests, the closure remains completely inert and there is zero risk of its materials migrating into the wine. Although not “natural”, it is fully recyclable.

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Connected grand cru wines

Our grand cru wines have gone digital – what you might call “2.0” – and are at the cutting edge of technology!

Thanks to “NFC” chips contained in the capsule, every one of our grand cru bottles can be scanned with a smartphone to authenticate it and bring up its principal characteristics.

The chip can change its IP address each time it is read, thus making forgeries impossible.

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Intelligent cases

To perfect our connected bottles system, our grand cru cases are fitted with a temperature sensor. It records the temperature every three hours for fifteen years and keeps an up-to-date log.

There’s no need to open the case to check the temperature graph. Simply hold your smartphone over the sticker on the case.

Our smart cases allow you to make sure that these wines have been transported and kept in the best possible conditions before you store them in your cellar.

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Current and future projects

A creative and innovative mind never sleeps. To prove our point, we still have many ideas in the pipeline, on our workshop tables or already in the testing phase!

One of these is a major project to design specific winemaking tanks for red wine and others specific to white wine; the prototypes have proved entirely satisfactory and will be installed in the new winery in 2021.

We have also started basic research on an alternative to barrel ageing which will allow wines to “breathe” without any risk of contamination.

Futuristic labels, composite packaging (made from recycled products and a first for Burgundy), personalized bottles with unexpected features: all of these projects are currently underway at Laurent Ponsot SAS.

Des étiquettes futuristes, des emballages en composite (à base de produits recyclés) encore jamais vus en Bourgogne, des flacons personnalisés aux fonctionnalités surprenantes : tout cela existe désormais au sein de la société Laurent Ponsot.