Intelligent cases

In order to give the end consumer, and of course the entire supply chain the option of temperature checking, we use “intelligent cases”.

The idea germinated in the fertile mind of Laurent Ponsot a few years ago and its development was entrusted to the company eProvenance.

Now with brand-new sensors, these can record the temperature of the case every 3 hours for 15 years.
They can therefore provide a highly accurate history of each case without the need to open it.

By placing a smartphone with an NFC* chip reader over the sticker affixed to the side of the case, you get direct access to the temperature data of each “intelligent case” produced by Laurent Ponsot SAS.

A temperature graph is displayed on your phone screen. This gives you a brief summary of the temperature conditions these cases were subject to on their journey from leaving our cellars, to their time in storage, to arriving in your home.

For Android users (and soon to be available in the App Store), a free app provides more detailed information.

The graphs display highly accurate temperature condition records from the time the case left our company, on a daily and hourly basis.
You will also be given the “eProvenance score” for each case of wine.
The eProvenance system calculates the impact of temperature conditions on wine quality and provides a score that reflects any deterioration.

* All Android smartphones are compatible, and from the iOS 13 upgrade and above, all iPhone 7s and later are able to read and write an NFC Tag.

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